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Real Estate Video Marketing   



Nearly 90% of home buyers use the internet to source information on properties. And according to NAR, 73% of homeowners say they are more likely to list with a REALTOR  who offers to create a video for them. 


Let us help you showcase your properties, or YOU as an agent, in a way that connects with your clients.  


For your properties...
Video has become one of THE  most effective tools in your marketing toolbox to best serve your clients;  second only to YOUR passion and commitment.
Home Showcase video
Click the image  above to see an example of how we have partnered with other REALTORS   to showcase their properties.


      .....and for YOU!
Creating a video of yourself and your other services  helps your clients develop a deeper sense of trust and familiarity with you even before you meet.  
Click the image  above to see an example.  Clients feel more comfortable and at ease when they know more about you.

REALTOR   Resource Channel


Short videos, free webinars and other information on topics that help you grow your business

Tom Ferry

The 4 Core Lead Sources Everyone is Using

Lead Generation

Free Leads from Twitter Automatically in 2 Steps

Open House: A Selling Opportunity or a Lead Generator?


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How Real Estate Marketing Has Changed

Social Media Basics for REALTORS

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(Search Engine Optimization)

What is SEO?

Using SEO to Grow Your Business

Hone your skills or

          Learn new ones!

Free Real Estate Webinars

The Secrets of Top Selling Agents are FREE online webinars where top selling agents and industry professionals share their methods for success in today's competitive real estate market.


Click here  to reserve your spot in the upcoming webinar or to view past webinars. You can attend the webinars live, either online or via telephone. The Secrets of Top Selling Agents™ webinar series is brought to you by



Peerless Imaging is not an affiliate of nor do we profit in any way from your participation in their webinar series. We post the links solely for your convenience and benefit.

What you should know. . . 

Video !!

What's the Big Deal?

Real Estate Infographic

Video Makes Good Dollars & Sense!

Click the image above  to enlarge.

Are You Making it Difficult for New Clients to Find You?

Digital Footprint Infographic for Realtors

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Just for Fun!

Describe Your Dream House

Real Estate According to Kids!

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